The cost of caring for one patient at the hospice is £25 a month.

Light for the Blind welcomes sponsors who can contribute however small an amount towards this.. For UK tax payers who donate under Gift Aid this reduces to £20 a month as the Trust can reclaim £5 per month tax from the Inland Revenue.

Residents in one of the six 25 bed wards at St. Joseph's Hospice.


It is a sad but common sight in the cities of Dindigul and Madurai etc to see homeless and destitute elderly people sleeping on the pavements of the streets. By day they beg and scavenge for food frequently fighting for this with dogs outside food shops and eating places. Father Thomas describes how the sight of these people troubled him deeply and so in 2005, with support from the Trust he began to build a hospice for these people. Located outside Dindigul, the hospice was opened in March 2006 and was named St. Joseph's. It now has beds for 325 residents both male and female.


Fr. Thomas runs the hospice and is assisted by two Jesuit Priests, Fr.Mathai S.J. and Fr.R.George S.J., Sr.Nambikai Mary and a dedicated team of nurses, cooks, cleaners, drivers and gardeners. He is notified of suitable people and goes to the cities with his van to collect them. New patients are admitted into isolation where their old clothes are removed and destroyed, they are showered, shaven, given new clothing and fed. Blood tests are taken to identify any infectious diseases and only after the "all clear" is given they are transferred to the main hospice. Many patients have only a short time to live but in their dying months they are loved and cared for. Thus they die in dignity. 

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