The cost of caring for one patient at the hospice is £25 a month.

Light for the Blind welcomes sponsors who can contribute however small an amount towards this.. For UK tax payers who donate under Gift Aid this reduces to £20 a month as the Trust can reclaim £5 per month tax from the Inland Revenue.

Residents in one of the six 25 bed wards at St. Joseph's Hospice.


Another section of the society completely neglected by families, society, the State and even by Churches is the mentally ill, who roam our streets living sub human lives, most of them end up committing suicide. In UK for example, it is the largest single cause of death for males under 35 and there are more people who die from suicide than in traffic accidents. And for every suicide, there are thought to be 20 to 30 others who make an attempt. The situation in India is even worse!

We have at St.Joseph’s Hospice at Mettur Gate more than 80 such mentally ill patients who are well integrated with the dying patients.


Once they recover, they are engaged in creative work such as raising garden plants, vegetables, looking after 150 pigs etc. They also do a lot of the daily house hold chores. These help them to restore their dignity and to integrate them back into the society as productive members.


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