The cost of caring for one patient at the hospice is £25 a month.

Light for the Blind welcomes sponsors who can contribute however small an amount towards this.. For UK tax payers who donate under Gift Aid this reduces to £20 a month as the Trust can reclaim £5 per month tax from the Inland Revenue.

Residents in one of the six 25 bed wards at St. Joseph's Hospice.


For those people who are already blind or suffer other disabilities there is the problem of how to earn a living. To help such people Light for the Blind runs a Welfare Centre where disabled  people are taught a trade such as making candles and communion Hosts. They  are given a good salary at the end of the month.

  A worker at Sirunaykanpatty making communion hosts for sale to local churches
  Workshop at Sirunaykanpatty where disabled people are taught useful skills and earn a modest income
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